How’d you like the famous DJ Tiesto or David Guetta to handle your wedding party? These guys are great DJs in the world!

Wedding DJs can make or break your wedding reception because they play a crucial role in the event. The wedding is everything in the event; the food, setting, and music. Many of the fabulous weddings cap the happy dance. Needless to say, wedding DJs are a pivotal point of a great dance party and can blow life to a party.

A good wedding DJ is not only talented but thoughtful and passionate, not just a listener but a good listener, and most of all conscientious of the needs of the couple. I have compiled a list of what makes a good wedding DJ.

Good Listener

DJs that listen to the instructions of the hosts and understand precisely their wish are great DJs. They know that a wedding day is the most significant event in the lives of the couple, so they have to be trustworthy in shaping the flow of the day’s event. These DJs put first the needs of the couple.

Great DJs spend time with the clients to know more about them since the taste in music varies greatly depending upon the person. DJs take this into consideration to find a happy medium while considering the personalities of the couples and their wedding theme.


Good DJs demonstrate professionalism from the moment they arrive at the wedding party. They shouldn’t be late for any reason. Remember that DJs are considered as a single piece of the very intricate occasion with plenty of moving parts. They are not the reason for things not going smoothly.

Professional DJs respond to their clients, and they don’t show a “party DJ image.” They know that they are in a crucial event of their client’ lives, so DJs make sure that they are not representing any hangover.

DJs that are professional are responsible for formal announcements and take them seriously. They are articulate and pronounce every word correctly. These are DJs that make time to practice and prepare before the program to get a perfect outcome.

According to Johnny Budz, a CEO of highly reviewed Wedding DJ providers, nothing is very unprofessional rather than a DJ that mispronounces a name in the wedding party.


Good DJs have the vast musical knowledge of various styles. Wedding DJs are not in the venue to play the music they like or the songs they have written. They are there to play the music that people in the wedding are longing to hear.

Wedding DJs should know a lot of various genres, songs that come from different ears and music that can make the people dance.


Great DJs prepare and test everything in advance. They arrive hours before the start of the event and set-up the logistics; where to bring the equipment, unload the equipment, set-up, and test the sound system which had already been tested in advance, before their arrival.

DJs check the microphones, adjust the sound levels, and put the speakers in the right position. They know how to maximise the location. They can turn the sound under the layout, weather, and other factors.

However, things can go wrong no matter how prepared DJs are; things break, and things run out of a battery. In the case of system failure, they have a backup system.


Good DJs are poised, they are well-dressed and well-groomed. Of course, they are well-rested, in control, and relaxed. They should carry themselves properly in an ethical manner. This also comes with thoughtful preparations.

Once again, great DJs support the couple to create great memories. They put the couple first before their own interests.