Name at least one great party that you’ve attended.

What made you choose that party? Is the food tasty? Are there plenty of beverages available? Is the venue convenient and attractive? Or is it because you like the DJ?

It’s highly possible that the party becomes memorable not only because of food or venue but also because of the music, and hiring a DJ comes with it.

Admit it; great DJ can turn your party extraordinary. However, hiring a DJ can become a daunting duty because getting off beam can break your memorable day. So, I compiled some things to look toward when hiring your disc jockey.

Price and Value

Forbes identified the world’s highest paid DJs in 2018. One of them is Zedd. Several years ago, he was earning $3.5 million yearly being a DJ. He hauled over $100 million and more than $22 million in the past year, which ranked 6 in the list of Forbes world’s highest-paid DJs. With these statistics, it just proves that hiring a DJ can be expensive.

The cost for a DJ varies depending on several factors such as the package type, the venue, the experience, and of course, the level of expertise. Look for a DJ of great value and cost-efficient. Meaning to say, the DJ in which your money will not go to waste because he deserves it.

It’s not helpful to spend less and get less from the DJ. Instead, it’s better to pay more and get more. On the other hand, spending more money doesn’t mean you’re getting more. Remember that you are looking for value, that which is cost-efficient.

Although the price is an essential factor, don’t choose your DJ just because of cost. Look for a company that gives the best value, and not because the charge is cheap. This way, you’ll get the value you deserve at the right cost.

Music Variety

DJs should have the ability to mix music. Unlike the live musicians that can only cover their genre. The owner of an iPod is full of the owner’s favourite music, and the playlists give the function to switch styles from slower to its climax.

Enchanting your party from boredom to legendary takes strong music from pop to reggae; from country to trap to hip-hop; and the alternative. If the party desires, it’s on the fingertips of the DJ.

The DJ has to make the transition to take your celebration to the next level. No stress, no intermissions, and no pauses; only upbeat masterpieces, feel noble at topmost 40, then, energetic harmony that will tune your musical journey.

List of Songs

Music is a personal thing; it can mean different things to different people. It is a personal taste. It’s a good thing if you already have your music selection and you have a list of the songs you want to be played on your special occasion. What if none?

Suppose you are not sure of the type of songs to be played in your event, your DJ can provide with a song list. Your DJ should have suggestions for you and be responsive enough to know what you want.

If your prospect the disc jockeys are not direct if they can or cannot fulfil your needs, then better look for another DJ that can.

Finally, do not forget to ask if your DJ will and not accept any request from the attendees. Although some DJs leave the decision to the hosts in deciding whether or not they will accommodate any music request, others strictly do not permit it.


For some reasons, highly experience DJs charged higher than newbies. On the other side, it’s better to hire an experienced one rather than hiring a beginner because for sure these DJs are already familiar with the event, the timeline, and the format.

Moreover, in terms of being technical savvy, DJs with experience are proven to do well. However, it doesn’t mean that inexperienced DJs can't do well. There are also cases which show how well they performed. But then again, the decision and the preference lie on the client like you.


Best DJs can play the sound even with the use of volume, frequency controls, and special effects like echo and reverb in emphasising a moment or particular instruments in the song.

According to Malcolm Gladwell, it takes an about ten thousand hours of practising to achieve mastery in the field which means that even though you are already at the top of your game, there are still plenty of things to learn.

DJs that unlock the skills that they do not usually use, and known as a jack of all trades is a better DJ to look for, unlike one that is a pigeonhole of one technique. Think about it, the world of electronic music is continuously changing, adapted, and updated. So to be on top of the field is knowing that every day a DJ that does the same thing for many years still have many ideas to learn.

Look for a DJ that’s on top of his field, one who utilise various techniques better than anybody else.


I’m sure that you want a fantastic party – a party that’s different and one of a kind. So work with people that can think of a new and fun way to make the dance floor packed. It will be terrible if the guests at your party will leave and think that it shouldn’t be like that.

Creative DJs can read the crowd, create, and make adjustments from what is not working to the ones working.

Professional Gear

A gear is a tool used by DJ to enhance the fantastic experience of the crowd during Djing. You may encounter some technical terms such as pro audio, lighting, wireless microphone, Virtual DJ, active speakers, and many more. DJs who know their things will probably mention these terms.

Look for a DJ that can discuss to you about his professional gear and converse to you about how these gears the DJ have can help in making the event successful.


Look for DJs with the right energy. Customers like a person not only full of energy but that with the right energy for your occasion. Obnoxious or annoying DJ will not make your party beautiful.

If your DJ at the party is full of fun and full of life, you’ve found the right one.


A survey made by the Cut Master Music showed that clients want their DJ listens. Look for a DJ that will listen to you and give you the reception that you want.

Professional DJs with decades of experience had hundreds of events under them, and they could have a lot of insights as to what makes the event successful.

However, at the end of the day, all receptions are unique. There is no such thing as magic formula. Note that a combination of thoughts with the ideas and execution of your DJs can create a perfect event that you have been dreaming for all these years.


Look for a DJ that has a plan. He should provide the idea about the details on the reception during the events. Look for a DJ that has time to discuss the matter with you before the event. DJs must be flexible in accommodating changes if any, and assists in troubleshooting the problem.

The DJ should have a vision in mind and help to plan the needed things for the success of the activity.

Have Time

Look for DJs that will give time to your queries and concerns. They are willing to meet you in person or discuss the matters in a phone call or a video call. It’s best to hire a DJ that will give you a prompt return of calls. Calls and emails should get a response within 24 hours, except during weekends, or better, even weekends at whatever time.

Able to DJ

It is seemed obvious, but in reality, with technology, everybody thinks that they are DJs. If the DJs show up with just a laptop or iPod and speakers, the fact is that they don’t really know how to be a DJ and rock the party.

Look for a DJ that can show you a sample of their mixing ability and the strategies they used to read the pulse of the crowd and determine the music programming skills. Besides, it is your party, and the people are supposed to have fun and enjoy the dance.

Ask yourself, do you think this DJ knows how to read the crowd and let them be on the dance floor.


The founding father of disco, David Mancuso believed that a DJ is not higher than his audience. He considers DJ as both a performer and a listener. He views that DJ is a humble person, sheds his ego, respects the music, and there to make the flow of the event running.

DJs drop their ego; nothing is less alluring to a music lover than an artist with unquenchable ego. They are not the gods of the occasion, so they don’t deserve the world to bow on their feet.

You like

Have you ever encounter hanging out with someone you don’t like at all? It is a very uncomfortable feeling that’s why it is significant to get along well with your DJ. Know that different people have different personalities. So choose the person that you feel right for the role.


Although hiring a company with coverage is not a big deal for some customers looking for a DJ, it makes sense to hire one that enforces liability insurance policy with a valid insurance certificate.

Any accidents that may happen, you can be sure that the DJ Company you hired can cover any loss or damage.